Welcum to Candi Land
The Land of The Fantasy.The Land of Candi Cox!!
LA's Hottest Latina TS
The One and Only Candi Cox
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Welcum to Candi Land
Too Young For Shemales ?
Cum In Baby
C Ya
Well you finally arrived!!
I have been waiting for you for so long I was begining to wonder if you were ever gonna make it. I know about your fantasy so don't worry. You are here because you don't want to fantasize any longer, am I right?

And No, maybe we don't exactly know each other ....yet! But we will baby, we will!! Oh! By the way I am Candi.... Candi Cox.  One of the sweetest Transsexuals you will ever meet, and beautiful as well , don't you think Papi. I am a 27 year old Latina TS Super Sexy Bombshell. 5'7" 140lbs  and 38DD-26-40 with 8 inches of sugar sweet rock candy that will have you begging for more. I am extremely sensuous and seductive, I can't help it, my body was made for sinful pleasure and I seem to be horny 24 hours a day. Is that bad?

Well someone once said when I am good I am real good but when I am bad.....I am Better!

But hey, come find out for yourself. Come inside and see what sweet things are waiting for you in my own  Candi Land......  next stop
........complete satisfaction.
Too Young For Shemales ?